Outlook On Phone


Adding your Emails to your Phone

If you don’t already have the outlook app installed you can easily download it from either the play store (Android) or the app store (Apple)

PLEASE NOTE: Catch22 Devices come preinstalled with Outlook.

Step 1

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open Outlook. On your device you will see the privacy and term screen. Click SKIP

Step 2

Next you will see the GET STARTED screen. Click GET STARTED

Step 3

Enter your email address and click CONTINUE >

Step 4

You will then see the Catch22 ADFS page where you’ll have to enter your account password. Click Sign in

HELPFUL HINT: This password is the same one used to enter the cloud or login into webmail. If you don’t know your password, remember you can use https://c22password.org.uk to reset it.

Step 5

Once you have successfully signed in you will see the account added screen. Click SKIP

HELPFUL HINT: You can add an additional shared mailbox if you would like, but you will need to know the password.

Step 6

You will now see some info about outlook features, check them out for some helpful tips when using the app. Click SKIP when you are ready to move on.

You will now see your mailbox with your email

HELPFUL HINT: Swipe right and you will see your folders

All Done, your phone is now setup with with your Emails!!!

Removing Your Email Account from Outlook

This tech note will help you to remove your email account on your mobile phone.

1) Firstly Swipe right and click settings.

2) You will then see the below screen,
click and select your account.

3) Now simply delete your account by clicking Delete Account

All Done!!!! Your account has now been removed.

If you have any questions or need assistance getting setup or removing your account, please email or call,

Wanstor you can email servicedesk@wanstor.com or call them on 0203 319 7025

Catch22 ICT Support you can email support.it@catch-22.org.uk or call 01959 578 250